Food & Fun Festivals

How can you offer a NEW EXPERIENCE that  will bring clientele  away from their homes and into your venue ?              

Simply create a  package that offers food and fun  plus the opportunity to meet interesting new people. Australia is a multi-cultural society and TV has boosted tremendous awareness of  the  range of different national cuisines.   Then add the enjoyment that different cultures can add with their unique music, dancing, humour and special celebrations themes.      For example,  Greek  Independence  Day ( 25th March )  Paniyiri  ( May )  Zorba’s Dance, … we’ll forget about plate smashing for the moment !              

A major benefit is that  these themes can be  “recycled”  success fully  …. Both as annual events  or as  a series of Food & Fun Festival themes.               You’ ll find clientele will start asking….”When is the next event ?”              

Marketing  Winners have  created  special graphic design and decorations merchandise  for these themes.   Banners are available for each theme and they  feature colours of national flags.                  

Actual food illustrations are not shown because menus  will tend to vary from occasion to occasion.                  

Because the feature banners are Australian designed and manufactured  we can also  customise to suit your particular event.              

For more information  e-mail  or phone  0414 756 238